Exclusive Preview: ‘I, Vampire’ #15

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We’re pleased here at Gamma Squad to bring you an exclusive preview of I, Vampire #15, available next week on stands.
I, Vampire actually has some very prestigious roots. The original story was a back-up developed by J.M. DeMatteis in the early ’80s horror anthology House of Mystery. It was a breakout success, eventually becoming the keystone of that book, and Andrew Bennett, an ancient, tortured vampire, has been part of the DCU ever since and a considerable influence on other vampire stories. Buffy fans in particular might find Bennett’s vow to only drink animal blood or bottled human blood, and the problem of his dark side, a bit familiar.
The relaunch as part of the New 52 has been fairly interesting as well. It’s written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and drawn by Andrea Sorrentino, whose award-winning work on the book has grown from a Mignola-esque style to a moodier throwback to the more photorealistic work you find in Vertigo’s horror comics. It also follows vampires as a subculture in the DCU, and has tied into books like Justice League Dark. This book, however, is drawn by Dennis Calero, who fills in quite nicely for Sorrentino with some gorgeous and moody work of his own.
The book has recently taken a fairly interesting twist: Andrew Bennett is now the bad guy, and the book’s former antagonist is struggling to figure out how to save him. But that might be a bit trickier than it looks, as these opening pages demonstrate…

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