Exclusive Preview: ‘Ravagers’ #7

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The Ravagers, if you’re not familiar, is DC’s sneaky, and actually fairly interesting, attempt to revive the Doom Patrol, at least in spirit. Although you won’t see Robotman or Elastigirl in the line-up, Niles Caulder is a major character, and the tone and feel are very reminiscent of said team book.
That said, there are some differences. The Ravagers is tied into Teen Titans and grew out of the recent Culling crossover. In fact, it features Superboy, Beast Boy and Terra, as well as Thunder, Fairchild from Gen13, and a new guy, Ridge.
Howard Mackie handles the writing chores, and it’s clear he’s definitely trying to bring his own twist to the “messed-up team” dynamic. The Ravagers are on the run from a program that pretty much puts superhuman teens through hell in order to turn them into soldiers. Needless to say, they’re not in any rush to go back, and their minders would very much like them back… in pieces, if necessary. As the latest issue starts, they’re squaring off against Rose (as in Deathstroke’s daughter) and Warblade.
If you haven’t given it a shot yet, DC has sent along the first few pages of issue #7 as an exclusive preview for the site; the full book will be available next week. Have a look!

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