Exclusive: RGIII’s Crazy Vegas Bachelor Party Itinerary

07.03.13 4 years ago 50 Comments

rgii at the pool

Hey, guys. Welcome to Vegas! Thanks so much for joining me on me on my last weekend of freedom (LOL! Just kidding, I love Rebecca and can’t wait to be married to her for the rest of my life!). Remember to get plenty of rest, because we have lots of fun stuff planned. Check out the itinerary below so you’ll know where to go and when to be there. And remember to stay hydrated. Don’t let all of these fountains and pools fool you, you’re in the desert!

Thursday afternoon: Welcome to Vegas! We have a block of rooms at the beautiful Aria Hotel and Resort courtesy of my friends at EvoShield, makers of game-changing protective apparel. Check in at the front desk to get your awesome bachelor party survival kit, complete with trail mix, Tahoe Springs bottled water and your very own pair of RGIII socks by Adidas!

Thursday night (7:00- 8:30 pm): Dinner time! The buffet at Aria is supposed to be pretty epic, so strap on your feed bag. And no matter how crazy things get, don’t let me get anywhere near that dessert table! #allinforweek1

Thursday night (8:30-10:30 pm): If there’s one thing Vegas is known for, it’s entertainment! Right next to the buffet is Zarkana, Cirque Du Soleil’s best show in town. In case you aren’t familiar, Zarkana tells the story of a heartbroken magician through the majesty of acrobatics. Crazy!

Thursday night (10:30-11:00 pm): OK, it’s a bachelor party, so I know you guys are going to want to go a little crazy. Fortunately there’s a bar right next to theater that’s stocked with Coors Light, the official beer of the NFL. You guys have fun, I’ll find a quiet spot to call Rebecca to say goodnight.

Thursday night (11:00 pm): Lights out! Big day tomorrow. #nopressurenodiamonds

Friday morning (6:00 am-8:30 am): Rise and grind! Sleep in if you need to, I’ll be down at the gym getting my work in.

Friday morning (8:30 am-10:30 am): The most important meal of the day! I hear the breakfast buffet at Aria is even crazier than dinner. If you’re looking for me I’ll be at the omelet station. Egg whites and broccoli, crazy delicious!

Friday morning (10:30-12:00): We’re hitting the pool! They say you should wait a half an hour after eating before you go swimming. Listen to these people! I used to think I knew better than the doctors, but then I exploded my knee and spent two weeks watching Dr. Oz. They know what they’re talking about.

Friday afternoon (12:00-1:30): Who’s hungry? We’re going to be dining alfresco outside of our poolside cabanas. The ladies are going to be all over us, but don’t give them any food. I don’t want them getting the wrong idea!

Friday afternoon (1:30-3:30): Free time! Hit the room for a shower and a nap, or do whatever else you’d like. This is your time, use it well! I’ll be conducting a totally optional film study session in my suite. Again, totally optional, except for anyone who plays on the Redskins offense. #NoDaysOff

Friday afternoon (3:30-6:30) Cash money! Hope you’re ready to win some, because it’s time to gamble. We’ll be setting up shop in the hottest spot at Aria. Nickel slots! Rolls of nickels will be provided courtesy of Subway, where you can get a footlong turkey sub on a fresh baked roll for less than three rolls of nickels! Eat fresh.

Friday evening (6:30-8:30): MEAT! We’re hitting up Jean Georges Steakhouse for dinner. Jean Georges is a super famous chef. He owns the place, but normally doesn’t do the cooking. Until now! He was so excited to hear I was coming that he’ll be cooking our food personally. I’ll have my filet mignon medium well, Jean Georges!

Friday night (8:30 to TBD): Hit the club! We’re getting the VIP treatment at Aria’s hottest club, HAZE. Sure, there are lots of other hotels in Vegas, but there’s no point in leaving Aria. Seriously, they’re paying me to not leave Aria. We’ll have full bottle service (just mixers for me though, LOL!!!).

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