This Professor’s Hilarious Extra Credit Questions Will Make You Wish You Were Taking His Tests Right Now

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02.11.16 2 Comments
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Most of the time, extra credit questions are dull but easy problems designed to give even those who didn’t get all the studying they needed to a few extra face-saving points. One professor, however, isn’t letting students get off so easy. Knowing how nerve-wracking a test can be, he’s turned his additional questions into fun little games that allow students to maybe, hopefully blow off a little steam.

Posted to Imgur by user SharkyTheSharkDog, the questions appear to be from a stats test. Bit while the actual content is all about z-scores and standard deviation (gulp!), the extra credit ones are about Full House, tricking students into getting up and yelling things, and the kind of pants Jake from State Farm wears. Wish you were taking this guy’s class? We know we do. With these kind of questions (guy loves his hip-hop), his lectures must be insanely entertaining.

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