Ezzy Drops ‘Everything Ezzy,’ Deserves Your Complete And Undivided Attention

05.11.14 3 years ago 17 Comments

Ezzy – Everything Ezzy

Hailing from Cleveland, 17-year-old Ezzy has little–on paper–to offer guys logging in outside of the Buckeye State. No major feature, no co-signs from outside of his city. But we’re all dedicated rap fans at TSS, and dedication to the genre means blindly jumping into less-heralded projects from time to time.

Do yourself a favor: let Everything Ezzy be that project.

There’s just so much to like here, thanks to ace production and killer bars throughout. It can be hard to pinpoint what the strength is of the majority of the tracks. Take “Bin Stylin'” – an infectious hook (the kind that you’re probably going to be playfully muttering for the next couple of days), minimalist beat and incredible cadences by Ezzy are constantly at odds, trying to win your attention. And whatever aspect of the song you deem best, Ezzy definitely knows the recipe to a happy listener.

Ditto that with the hyped intro track, “Wake Up,” or the soulful inspiration of “Bet That”. Really, the project is brimming with complete efforts, several of which deserve inclusion in whatever “Best Of Spring” playlist you’re currently working on. Enjoy the offerings, and report back for more.

Download – Ezzy – Everything Ezzy

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