Facebook Business Cards Are Not A Joke After All

01.05.12 6 years ago

It sounds like an Onion article: A startup has decided to turn your Facebook timeline into paper for easier offline distribution. Except it’s not a joke — Moo.com is actually doing it. Well, for the British, anyway.

Pretty much it’s what it sounds like: It uses your Timeline banner photo, a small profile shot of you, some sort of inspirational quote you’ve picked out on the back, and your contact information and a short CV, laid out in Facebook’s style.

The cards, which are designed to “bridge the gap between online and offline” are available now through the printing specialist and you can tailor-make yours to fit in with your level of braggadocio and narcissism. And not all the cards need look the same, you can personalise each one with a different picture and quote from your Facebook data.

All of which raises two questions: Who would actually pay for this? And if somebody actually hands you this as a business card, do you laugh at them to their face or do you wait until they wander away? I think it’s at that point you’d have to tell them, “I like you better on Facebook.”

(Video HT: Sara Benincasa)

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