Facebook Founder Whines About His Privacy, Poor Baby

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Mark Zuckerberg has made billions off of basically demanding you tell the world about your crotch itching, and has been busted repeatedly for crapping all over user privacy. In fact, Facebook is one of the most unethical social networks out there, and people mostly only stay on it because A) their friends are all on it and B) it’s still way better than either Friendster or MySpace.

Now Zuckerberg, while dealing with an overdramatic movie that makes him look like a huge douche, is complaining that one of the multiple frivolous lawsuits that he’s got to deal with (you don’t make a few billion without somebody deciding they can get a piece with the right lawyer) is violating his privacy.

At root is a suit by one Paul Ceglia. Ceglia is claiming he’s got a contract with Zuckerberg that gives him 84% of Facebook. How, precisely, a guy who runs a wood-pellet business five hours away from where Zuckerberg lived would be involved, let alone why Zuckerberg would sign a contract giving him 84% of Facebook, is something Ceglia hasn’t bothered to explain in public yet, but we’re betting it’s got something to do with Ceglia being full of crap. This feeling is only intensified by Ceglia’s legal moves, which are basically designed to inconvenience and embarrass Zuckerberg. He’s trying to keep the trial in New York state courts while Zuckerberg is trying to relocate it to federal court (i.e. they’re fighting over who has to get on a lot of airplanes), and Ceglia is trying to force Zuckerberg to turn over personal details. Zuckerberg, of course, has suddenly become a profound advocate of personal privacy.

On the other hand, screw him, he’s worth $4 billion and he’ll win this, so let’s all point and laugh at the rich hypocrite played by Jesse Eisenberg. You know, the guy they get when Michael Cera turns you down.

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