The Falcons-49ers Ending Was Tremendous

12.23.13 4 years ago 14 Comments


A pretty good Monday Night Football finale got great in the waning minutes. With a little more than two minutes remaining, after Tony Gonzalez scored right by where The Catch was made, the Falcons pulled off an amazing onside kick with the ball careening past NaVorro Bowman into the hands of Jason Snelling.

With a touchdown, Atlanta could send San Francisco into what would essentially be a playoff game on Sunday in Arizona. Instead, the Falcons did what they’ve done of late in the red zone in crunch time. A pass bounced off the hands of Harry Douglas to Bowman, who took it 89 yards for the game-securing touchdown.

At that point, Jim Harbaugh made use of the cleats that he wears on the sideline to keep up with Bowman as he ran down the field. Because of course Harbs wears cleats on the sideline.


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