The Falcons’ 4th Quarter Red Zone Offense Narrative

09.30.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


Atlanta was done in for the third time in five games by a last minute red zone drive that came up just short. Now they fall to 1-3 and potentially three games behind the Saints if New Orleans takes care of Miami on Monday night.

Part of what allowed the Falcons back in the game was a malfunction of the review equipment. Had Atlanta completed the comeback, there would have been a great carping by the New England faithful, even though there were plenty of officiating flubs to be found that benefited the Patriots as well.

The result produced what was described as a smirk by Belichick even if it’s really just less of a frown.


Oh, and Aqib Talib made this face after breaking up the final 4th down play. Which would be easier to take if not for this abhorrent Collinsworth quote.


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