Falcons ‘Hard Knocks’ Episode One Open Thread

08.05.14 3 years ago 57 Comments


The consensus about the Falcons being the subject of “Hard Knocks” this year is that it’s going to be really boring so there’s less anticipation than usual for this season of the show. Hell, Uproxx’s listing of what’s on TV tonight doesn’t even list it. “Royal Pains” gets a nod but not “Hard Knocks”? YOU MONSTERS!

Anyway, the Falcons lack readymade narratives other than “occasionally above average team attempts to become somewhat good again” and a star player known for doing entertaining things. But who knows? Perhaps we’re setting the bar too low going in and we’ll be pleasantly surprised. Thomas DeCoud can be funny! Julio Jones might have a personality!

Or we could be just as disappointed as we fear. Unflavored ice pop Matt Ryan might bore us to tears, though, in fairness, he can’t be much worse than Andy Dalton singing gospel in the locker room and playing ladder golf last year. The chance that Scott Pioli gets screen time is also something to dread.

I can’t promise it will be great, but on a Tuesday night in August, it beats just about everything on TV save “Nathan for You”.

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