Falcons ‘Hard Knocks’ Episode Two Open Thread

08.12.14 3 years ago 154 Comments



Well, after we got a little heavy today, it’s best to lighten the mood a bit with… oh wait, the Falcons “Hard Knocks” has been pretty boring so far, hasn’t it? That’s okay, it’s still a Tuesday evening and I’ll be damned if I’m watching The Wil Wheaton Project.

Last week, we discovered that other than laughing at Mike Smith’s office mandals and the occasional Roddy White quote, there doesn’t appear much in the way of humor or candor in this season of “Hard Knocks”. In fact, a Falcons beat writer pointed out things that were obviously staged just for the show. It all feels very managed by the team.

But that won’t stop me from watching it. I’m sure this episode will focus heavily on the Falcons’ first preseason game, a 16-10 win over the Dolphins in which Matt Ryan was 7-for-7 passing. So just a forewarning that he might be called on to speak again.

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