Falcons ‘Hard Knocks’ Finale Open Thread

09.02.14 3 years ago 18 Comments



I think we can all agree that this hasn’t been a particularly good. Even an interestingly bad show would be more compelling than “Hard Knocks” has been with the Falcons. It’s just been neatly scrubbed blandness. That isn’t to say it’s been bad; it just hasn’t been noteworthy in any way, other than an occasional amusing Bryan Cox or Roddy White quote.

That’s a shame, mostly because “Hard Knocks” is unlikely to rebound even if the league assigns the series to cover a team that’s more outwardly entertaining next year. Teams are too likely to view the series as a potentially harmful distraction if granted full access. Even it its neutered state, “Hard Knocks” is a tough sell for most NFL teams, hence why the league has threatened to force it on candidates that meet specific criteria.

So we’ll close out this season hoping for some highlight worth remembering. Other than that, it’s the final episode of the season, which means player cuts aplenty. Oh boy, dreams getting destroyed by the dozen!

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