Fall Television Is Obsessed With Genitalia: The Supercut

Editorial Director

I don’t watch watch CBS and haven’t gotten into one new fall TV show so I was unaware of the rampant use of the words “penis” and “vagina” in primetime television this fall season. My friends toss around much cruder euphemisms that I can’t share here (use your imaginations!) so maybe I just haven’t been phased by “vagina,” which now feels like an odd thing to type.

Anyhoo, our friends at Vulture put together this fun supercut for anyone who’s comedic appreciation ranges from low to high brow of all the times the two genitalia specific words have been used so far this Fall TV season. This subject also provides me with the opportunity to share possibly my favorite bit of Parks & Rec dialog so far this season via GIF wall. Preview above, obvs. Full wall after the jump.

Amongst other things…

GIFs via Accio Sanity

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