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Victoria Renee

Fantasia Has a Sex Tape? [Miss Jia]

Camron Says ‘Eight, Nine Songs Done’ With The Reunited Diplomats [Xclusives Zone]

Spike Lee Talks BP Spill & Sean Penn [Deadline]

Motor City Coltranes and Midwest Malcolms [Passion Of Weiss]

L’il Hockey Brawlers Call A Truce [With Leather]

The Complete Complex Guide To Workout Clothes [Complex]

The Next Twilight In 3 Book Proposals [Uproxx]

He Raps, She Sings. Does It Still Count As A Duet? [NPR]

The Artifacts Are Reunited [Cool Al Lover]

Drunken Internet Distractions [College Humor]

The Arrested Development Movie News Cycle Is Getting Silly [TV Squad]

Shorty Wanna PlayStation [XXL]

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