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03.07.13 5 years ago 34 Comments

David Akers is dunzo with the 49ers, because of course he is. He stayed on for San Francisco’s playoff run for no other reason than his competition for the job was Billy Cundiff. And relying on Billy Cundiff for critical kicks is the only thing more nerve-racking than doing the same with David Akers this past year.

Akers is another good example for what limited room for error kickers have. The guy set an NFL record for most field goals in a season in 2011, then tied the record for the longest field goal early this past season. Then he suddenly forgot how to kick and started missing everything. Akers would have missed one in the Super Bowl, except that miss was overturned by penalty. Frankly, it’s just a miracle that Akers survived the season to be cut instead of being garroted by Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines.

— A conservative think tank that hates taxes calculated that Joe Flacco isn’t actually the highest earning player in the league after taxes because he pays more in state taxes by playing for a team based in Maryland. So Drew Brees is still the highest net earner, but then the study doesn’t account for endorsements, so obviously Flacco’s extremely lucrative gummi bear deal puts him back over the top.

— The Jets, Giants, Seahawks and Dolphins are the four teams reportedly interested in Charles Woodson. On board with the Jets getting him and trading Revis, then having the front office pretend like they aren’t torpedoing Rex Ryan. “What are you talking about? We got you Charles Woodson! That roster is loaded!”

— The Falcons announced a deal to build a new $1 billion stadium in downtown Atlanta. The amount of public money is capped at $200 million, but those things never hold up.

— Vince Young wrote a letter of apology to Jeff Fisher for his years of being a letdown in Tennessee. He also insisted that he can play better than most QBs currently in the league. Most Arizona QBs perhaps, but the league at large? That’s pretty funny.

— Steven Jackson’s contract with the Rams has been reportedly voided, so whoever wants what might be Jackson’s final season of productivity before finally breaking down can have him.

— DirecTV might be dropping Sunday Ticket or spreading it out to include other cable providers. I’m sure whatever happens it’ll end up costing me more. That’s how these things go.

— Now people are bagging on Tim Tebow because he’s going to be speaking tomorrow at Liberty University and everybody knows founder Jerry Falwell don’t take kindly to the gays. Look, we all know what Tebow believes. The more you criticize him for this stuff, the less likely he’s going to abandon football for a career as a televangelist, so just quit it so he can get that God money and get out of the NFL.

— Reddit has a thread going about users’ encounters with asshole famous people, so naturally there are a few stories that feature Ben Roethlisberger.

— Done with being a mediocre linebacker, Hunter Hillenmeyer is now running a company that offers users the opportunity to play video games against professional athletes online. Of course, it’s a paid subscription service, so no thanks.

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