Fashion Forward With Casio G-Shock x RESPECT

12.27.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. At least, that’s how the say goes. And in an industry such as fashion – which changes even quicker than Hip-Hop – a second opinion could mean the difference in success or failure. It’s a testament to originality, creativity and the not-so-uncanny ability to adapt with the times. With this logic in mind, G-Shock decided to pay homage to three sets of designers making strides with their respective brands.

Similar to their previous featured projects, the famous watch line and RESPECT magazine join forces once more to pay homage to those who are breaking the mold and setting trends in an industry that continues to reinvent itself. Origami Clothing’s Kevin “SAER” Leong, Dee and Ricky, and Mikey and Josh of Orisue receive the honor this time around. Take some time to immerse yourself in all three parties by visiting RESPECT. What’s on the radar today, could change the world tomorrow.


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