“F.ashionable A.rtistic T.rendsetters…” – Pacific Division

02.20.08 10 years ago 47 Comments

Words By Jason Hortillas

Recently we gave a heads up on Pacific Division who have already built quite a buzz from the Left Coast. The trio comprised of B-Young, Like & Mibbs combines Native Tounge influence with LA swagger, while not falling under the dreaded regional stamp. Already getting co-signs from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Pharrell & Questlove, see for yourself if you agree:

Ironically Pac Div’s “Women Problems” invokes the infamous quote by LA brethren Rodney King of “Can’t we all just get along?”, but in this case with the opposite sex. I get flashbacks of grade school when I hear lines by Like kicking, “Morgan, well she let me play Oregon Trail but her breath had a foreign smell.” That’s probably from too many ice cream sandwiches and Fun Dip.

“F.A.T. Boys 08” is an ode to the so fresh so clean mantra, with the acronym describing the crew as “Fashionable Artistic Trendsetters.” With the already flooded street wear scene, the name brand dropping is in full effect as Buffy of the original Fat Boys is heard on the sampled beatbox. R.I.P. Buffy hope you got them same ice cream sandwiches wherever you are.

For those new to the Pac Div boys, check out Sealed for Freshness. The mixtape dubbed as a blendtape, mixes two to three instrumentals, per track so you don’t have to get bored like the hordes of tapes you hear over and over on the same ass beats.

Pacific Division – Sealed for Freshness Blendtape

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