Fat Hump Hysteria Spurs Important Stadium Photo

02.23.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

It’s been a while since we checked in with KSK best palsies at Stampede Blue, but when there’s a nuggetbomb this monumental, you cast petty rivalries aside and get straight to the reportage. Apparently, word got out that The Dome-Like Edifice That Peyton Built Though Not Really Because Eli Is The Architect In The Family no longer bore the likeness of Ol’ Battleship. Heavens! This would be terrible treachery on the part of the Colts, because not only would it be a tacit signal that Pey-Pey is on his way out of Indy, but the franchise would have broken the news by way of banner removal! I hate it when teams do that. Rest assured, Stampede Blue informs us this is not the case and the Colts will break the news the old-fashioned way: by giving Adam Schefter an exclusive tip because everyone is in bed with ESPN.

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