Fat Joe Feat. Chris Brown – “Another Round” Video

12.27.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

True story, I thought the guy on the left was Fat Joe at first. Anywho, Joe and Chris Brown unleash the video for their pro-alochol, Troop sampled number “Another Round.” Despite being a song I believe Don Cartegena can twist in his favor for radio play, the video is basically your run of the mill product seen as acceptable in today’s climate. I appreciate the hell out of the eye candy and the hook is remains underrated, but there’s nothing about the video that makes a person want to run this back.

Unless, of course, you’re one of those young girls who can’t get enough of Chris Breezy*. In that case, feel free to run it back.

* – This has yet to be confirmed, but Shawn Marion’s brief stint as a blonde is said to have been inspired by Chris Brown.

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