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01.14.13 5 years ago 34 Comments

There are a couple YouTube videos making the rounds of a father in a Joe Flacco jersey making exaggerated shrieking noises at pivotal moments of Baltimore’s superdeedooper epic win in Denver on Saturday. According to the description of one of the videos, his wife recorded him watching the game throughout the second half and overtime. She posted his best reactions. The videos strike me as staged for potential viral video megabucks. I’ve seen enough of Ray Lewis hamming it up for the camera to know when someone in a Ravens jersey is being disingenuous. Still, they’re fairly amusing for the disturbing child-like wailing on the floor.

The top video is allegedly his reaction to the tying Jacoby Jones touchdown at the end of regulation. The one below is his reaction to Peyton Manning’s best Brett Favre imitation.

— A Falcons fan at the Georgia Dome during Sunday’s win created the most Guy Fieri item not actually created by Guy Fieri: the Sliderita.

— College football zealot Spencer Hall has learned to stop worrying and begrudging enjoy the NFL.

— Brian Billick reportedly interviewed with the Eagles for the head coaching job. Not only would this be a hilarious;y awful hire for Philly, but it would get Billick out of the broadcast booth, so I doubly approve.

— A stripper in San Francisco put up this video during the second quarter of Saturday night’s game to rally the team and promote her shift at the club later

— Dan Le Batard’s column on some of the horrifically painful things Jason Taylor went through during his playing career is so grisly that surely no one will ever want to watch the NFL again.

— Just kidding. An average of 35.3 million people tuned in to watch the Ravens-Broncos game, a record for a Saturday playoff game on CBS.

— There’s a fake story that noted Factory of Sadness basher Derek Anderson wants to come back to play for the Browns and Cleveland fans have actual bitter anger about it.

— Brandon Ayanbadejo apologized for talking shit about the Patriots on Twitter. RESCIND THE BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL.

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