Finally, Your Chance To Buy Some of Troy Polamalu’s Hair

11.06.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

That’s right, a few lucky bidders at a charity event held at Heinz Field on Veterans Day can come away with human hair. Not just any human hair! Professional athlete caveman hair!

Troy Polamalu will undergo his first “haircut” in 11 years as part of the “The VFW Mane Event” at Heinz Field, an endeavor to raise money for the Veterans of Foreign Wars USA and generate awareness for veterans issues nationwide.

Polamalu won’t be shedding his marketable mane – the event is partially sponsored by his shampoo sponsor Head & Shoulders after all – but instead will have his wife Theodora trim one lock of his hair, strands of which will then be auctioned off for the cause.

Well, if it helps charity it certainly can’t be bizarre or unsettling to own a bit of someone’s hair. Steelers fans are already used to using the charity angle to defend having Terrible Towels.

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