Finally, Someone Thought to Combine Alcoholism with NFL Fandom

05.15.07 10 years ago 71 Comments

The most devoted KSK stalkers are well aware that my birthday — like the start of the NFL season — is less than 4 months away, and for those of you who feel that maybe I don’t spend enough time thinking about football or booze, may I encourage you to send me the special edition Seattle Seahawks bottle of Maker’s Mark. And now, for the sic-alicious eBay description:

This bottle is from the maker’s mark NFL collectable series that was out in limited numbers per each team a few years back. Most of these bottles or in Seahawks fan collections & will not resurface in the collector market. Therefore, this is your chance to get one of these great looking Seahawk bottles. The dip is perfect & the runs look great.

In my limited experience, the runs never look great.

Other selling points here are the old-school Seahawk colors of royal blue and gray, rather than the monochromatic blue and neon green that’s all the rage with precisely no one.

Also, take note that the bidding for a rare Seahawks edition of Maker’s Mark is only $35. That’s a pretty good deal, considering that you can fetch several hundred dollars if you use a Sharpie to change a tallboy of Steel Reserve into “Steeler Reserve.” Ah, Pittsburgh: the Ohio State of the NFL.

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