Fire Dan Snyder

12.08.13 4 years ago 32 Comments


Dan Snyders a great human being who’s done alot of great things in his career. Hes demonstrated sound padlevel acumen by suing deadbeat grandparents for there entitlement culture of not buying season tickets from him, hes been a job creator even though most of those positions are for a new head coach or quarterback, and he’s defensed the traditional heritage-not-hate name of the Redskins by saying “no offense” to anyone whose ever put on a headdress or done a rain dance. All in all he seems like a shorter version of Jerry Jones who runs a football team year to year like your trying to sneak in a full game of Sim City real quick before bedtime.

According to a report from Dan Snyder the businessman is “pissed” which makes sense because hes acting like a nuts guy with a 1 inch weiner. Approximately like 3 people and 1 pregnant cat attended todays fiasco at FedEx, and Snyder knows that he cant keep up his faberge franchise egg-smashing habit without suckers forking over the dough. Its time for acountability Mr. Snyder, and even though your a football hero, its time for you to show off that famous business acumen and fire yourself. Go buy a soccer team in Scotland and change there name to the Micks or something, make alot of money and wander off into the Highlands in the middle of winter alone without teling anyone where your going.

These latest reports by some guy from ESPN who blocked me on twitter further solidfy it for me. Your a distraction, Mr. Snyder. I thought that you only acted all buddy buddy with Robert Griffin just so you could look cool and not racist in front of some of your players, but more and more your just proving that you surround yourself with bad influences. That sends a direct message to your company and there culture that its OK to associate with guys like Robert Griffin and before you know it youve got a team who would spend all there time staring at their own press clippings if they knew how to read. Thats YOUR example that YOU set Dan.


Mr. Snyder, your a fan first and a owner second which means me and you have more in common then we do that seperates us. You love money, I love acting like Ive got alot of it. You fire people alot, I call for almost everyone I meet to lose there jobs. So you dont have to fire yourself as a fan, just as a owner. You can still go to games or whatever in a mask if your tall enough but you need to fire yourself and hire a new owner. Your a ME type Glory-Owner who takes turns sitting on RG3 and Tom Cruises laps,, you should focus on being a WE type Owner who takes his O-Line out for dinners instead of your QB. Look at it this way Dan, if you fired yourself and hired a new owner you would go down as the best owner to ever own the Redskins. Until you do the only things thats going to be “looking up” in DC is you to literelly every single person you meet you tiny idiot. No offense.

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