First It Was All Rob Ninkovich, Then It Was, Like, Patrick Chung

10.04.10 7 years ago 32 Comments

Special teams fiesta, you guys. Tirico told me so. I brought the brews. Are you gonna text the MerBros to see if they wanna come?

MerBros are in. They are ON. BOARD. But I think SkullFace is harshing their special teams fiesta. We need a festive hat guy. He’ll make it all right. Someone get on the horn.

Okay, good. All hands on Dreamboat deck. This is the special team fiesta to end them all. A shame Mark Sanchez couldn’t be there to enjoy this. Tom Brady is choked up that he was allowed to behold it all. He is crying tears that block punts and make kickoff returns. Anything goes in special teams fiesta.

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