Five Best Moments From Hard Knocks Episode Four

09.02.10 7 years ago 36 Comments

Not gonna lie, I could have done with much less Kellen Clemens haggling with a team that would love to cut him and long shots of Lavernaeus Coles walking dolefully down a hallway, but this episode found a way to get some amusing content in in fits and starts. Certainly enough that we could cobble together a handful of clips.

Plus, it can’t be worse than naked Rex in the hot tub next week.

Why would we show that screencap? THE TERRRMINATOR

Without further ado, the five best from episode four…


Awww, Kris Jenkins. Freaking out like he’s done prison time.

4. “This Fuggin Bart Guy”

Oh, Mike Pettine, you’ll learn to love Bart Scott yet.

3. That’s Why My Brother Got Rid Of Your Ass

Rex got into it with a Redskins defender who tackled LaDainian hard after a long run. Not good enough to play for Rob Ryan? Ouf. That’s some cold shit, Rex.

However, Mike Westoff sums up my feelings on the Redskins more concisely.


Nacho shows his mischievous side with a little unicorn ass on your desktop after he didn’t get his special Jets Trapper Keeper like he wanted. Of course, it seems like he knew a little too quickly where to locate said picture. Nevertheless, well done. Also, the Taco Bell hat makes yet another cameo.

1. Let’s Go Eat A Goddamn Snack

Don’t be a slapdick team. Get some goddamn snacks.

Not quite on par with the first week speech, but this one was still pretty special.

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