Five More Hard Truths About Training Camp

07.25.12 5 years ago 27 Comments

Andrew Brandt is a wealth of NFL knowledge. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you probably should. That being said, his piece list of Five truths about NFL training camp for is about as insightful as any segment from Mike and Mike picked at random.

I don’t’ know who you are, Brendan Hall, but I’m pretty sure you could have come up with a strikingly similar list even if you weren’t a highly respected former NFL executive. The list includes such TRUTH BOMBS as, “Many players in camp have no chance of making the team” and “Injuries matter … a lot.”

Is he allowed to say this stuff?

Sadly, Brandt stopped at just five. That’s fine, because we’re here to pick up the ball and finish off this list.

6. Very few NFL coaches carry hard candy.

Just because Dick LeBeau looks like your grandfather doesn’t mean he hands out Werther’s Originals for good hustle.

7. It’s hot!

Especially if you practice outdoors, but less so if your team has an indoor facility. Drinking water is a common practice to combat heat and fatigue. Also, sweating is perfectly normal, especially for the fatter players.

8. Fights happen.

The occasional skirmish is unavoidable. However, bare-knuckle boxing matches is frowned upon in most camps.

9. Camp socials are not commonplace.

Older players may tell tales of camp socials with the women’s soccer camp across the lake, but that almost never happens.

10. There are no bugs in the bug juice.

It’s just fruit punch. Regardless, you are better off drinking plain water referred to in rule #7.

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