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03.26.10 2 Comments

A couple awesome Mortal Kombat mashups were uploaded in the past couple days, and it’s not even my birthday.  The first video below answers some questions I’ve been mailing to Ann Landers for years (that stuck up ghost never answers): What if Scorpion and Sub-Zero traveled on the Oregon Trail?  Would Scorpion die of dysentery?  Would Sub-Zero just freeze the Snake River to cross easily so they don’t have to give any clothing to the Shoshoni guide?  Who the hell is “andy” and what’s “peperony and chease”?  Is that a subplot of Lost?  Did the smoke monster get andy?

The second video is a College Humor original about what would happen if the fighters tried to mediate their disagreements.  I like them better when they’re doing the toasty fatality on buffalo.

[via ToplessRobot and CollegeHumor]

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