Breaking News: Obama’s Presidency Is One Big Child Labor Slave Ship

01.27.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Election time means one important thing: crazy ass campaign videos. Here I’ve been lamenting over the loss of Herman Cain and all those ideas “swirrrrlin'” around his head while forgetting that the Republican Hydra has more visionaries ready to take his place.

The most recent genius is Mark Oxner who’s running for Congress in Florida. In this ad, we see a boat full of people that have been given free rides by Obama. Innocuous enough, right? Then there are little slave children at the end rowing the boat. That’s probably what’s going to cause a lot of fuss. That and the bad CGI job. I half expected a RhinoAlligator monster to pop up out of the water, too.

Honestly, this is a good opening shot. But I expect more hilarious poor judgement calls from the GOP as November nears. This should be epic.

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