Flying Lotus – “About That Time // A Glitch Is A Glitch”

04.04.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

The “Adventure Time” pilot is still one of the weirdest bits of cartoon ephemera I’ve ever stumbled across on the Internet. The show, about a young boy and his f*cking odd dog doing odd stuff, is a pothead’s wet dream: all sorts of off-hand whimsy, basic plot, and barebones animation. It’s a disguised “Tim And Eric” for kids.

So no surprises here that Flying Lotus contributed some closing credit music called, appropriately, “About That Time // A Glitch Is A Glitch.” As the title indicates, it’s glitchy and was used to close out a season five episode entitled “A Glitch Is A Glitch.” Remember that FlyLo used to do the bumper music for Adult Swim before breaking out on his own, so the “Adventure Time” plug only makes sense.

Check out “About That Time // A Glitch Is A Glitch” below and, if you so desire, tune into Adventure Time on Cartoon Network Monday nights at 7:30 EST.

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