Flying Shark? Oh You Better Believe Flying Shark.

Entertainment Editor
11.08.10 7 Comments

How have I gone my whole life up to this point without knowing a $99 remote-controlled flying shark exists?  Where do I send this complaint form? I am officially logging my dissatisfaction with not finding out about this until now.  I have used my finest crayons and several words appearing on only the snootiest word-a-day desk calenders.

Anyway, the Flying Shark from Nitro Planes (video below) is 1.54 pounds (700 grams) of awesome that can fly upside down and do barrel rolls. It’s got a 25A brushless motor inside the shark’s mouth. The wingspan’s 33.5 inches (85 cm) and the length is 40.5 inches (103 cm), but more importantly FLYING SHARK.

Buy ten of ’em to fill up your shark submarine.

[NitroPlanes via Gizmodo]

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