You Could Be MTV’s Inaugural Twitter Jockey

06.17.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Who’s gonna be the next Jesse Camp?

Remember circa 2000 when MTV held their “Wanna Be A VJ” competition and the winner won a year’s contract with the network? They got to host TRL while Carson Daly was interviewing for Late Late Late Night Show’s and polish Kurt Loder’s loafers, along with whatever other perks came along with the occupation. Since then, videos have become nonexistent while reality shows became the new business model.

Looking for another contest to capture the attention of the masses, MTV wisely turned to Twitter. With social networks serving as king of the land, they felt that it was time to throw their first Twitter Jockey into the fold. 20 contestants will battle until their digits fall off for the grand prize.

They’ve already selected 18 participants and have two slots still open. While the odds are against anyone who applies, I can think of several worthy candidates who frequent our site. Shoot, I might enter myself, even though Twitter moves a bit too fast for me. The initial nomination phase ends at 23:59 on June 27th. All I’m saying is that if one of you rascals manage to win, throw me a few stacks & we’ll call it even.

Head on over the contest website if interested and to start the process.

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