For The Free: Win Three-Day Passes To A3C Hip-Hop Festival

10.03.11 6 years ago 66 Comments

By now, everyone headed to Atlanta for A3C 2011 has their affairs in order (hopefully). Hotel accommodations reserved, bags packed and flights secured. The only thing remaining would probably be paying to get into the door, but we want to take care of that for you.

Starting today, we’ll be giving away a few three-day passes to A3C and we’ll do it in pairs so you won’t have to worry about leaving your friend outside of the gate while you waltz in for free. Entry is free and all you have to do is check our the flyer for our Perfect Attendance stage below, then drop a note in the comments section mentioning any one of the artists you’re most anticipating to perform.

Over the next few days, we’ll update with winners, choosing one winner per day to win two tickets good for all three days of A3C. We’ll be giving away four pairs of tickets in total so if you don’t win one day, there’s always the next.


Update: We’ll break this down by doing three rounds of giveaways, one pair of tickets per round.

Round oneDouglas Howser let me know that he won’t be in town this weekend. So let’s go ahead and pass his tickets to Antonio.

Round twovmoss wins for today.

Round threeAaron Smarter & Ryan, expect emails from us soon.

Update: Contest is closed and emails have been sent to the winners. Thank you to everybody who participated.

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