Where The Hot Boyz At?

02.23.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

Each month, I make my way to Kroger, grab a Western Union Blue Quick Collect form and send Cookiehead $20-30 for his books. On holidays, I might bump it up to $40 just because $10 extra is a quite a bit in the joint (or so I’ve heard). When I have it, I try to go out of my way to check on his daughter every few months as well as the two kids of my cousin Jason who’s doing life.

I say that not because I want a pat on the back or to show you how much of a baller I am (I’m not). It’s more because when I read rapper Turk sending out an e-kite asking for money to bury his recently murdered younger brother, I’m salty @ any and everybody associated with the former Cash Money solider.

I’m reaching out to all of you who have influence on the hip hop community. At around 3am this morning my younger brother Ronald Smith was found gunned down behind a Daquri shop in New Orleans on Manhattan St. My little brother and I were as close as brothers can be and it hurts me to lose him at such a young age, but as a man I must be strong. I have been in jail now for over 6yrs and there’s not much I can do. My mother is mourning over the loss of her youngest child and over the fact that there is no insurance or funds to arrange the proper burial. I am asking for you to get the word out and to also help financially in any way you can. Any donations can be sent to me at the Shelby County Jail by Western Union and for those who know me personally funds can be given directly to my mother Ms. Pamela Smith.

What the fuck?

I won’t even spend time admonishing Turk for not having money put back because, who knows, his legal situation could’ve drained away all the money he got from pawning chains and such.

The question is where are donations from his CMR brethren? Gizzle? Juvie? Weezy? Slim and Baby? Bygones being bygones and harsh words that may have been said under the bridge, is there any reason why one of these guys shouldn’t have ponied up and covered the expenses? I remember reading last week that Baby was so thorough that he once showed up to an early video shoot with $70k cash, making a withdrawal from the bank without knowing at the time that videos used prop money. Yet in 2010, Turk’s sending word to the virtual streets asking for help in burying a loved one.

The message closes with “If you would like to write me please send to…” but I can’t help you there brother. Most of these fed joints got electronic mail access now holmes. Get with it.

If you want to donate, find the info below.

Hot Boy Turk’s Younger Brother Murdered, Asks For Help [Ozone Magazine]

Western Union Blue Quick Collect Form
Pay to: SSC
Code City: Cobra Cash, FL
Account# 2M8115125virgil

Western Union can also be done over the phone call, 1-800-325-6000.

If you do want to become pen pals with Turk, contact him at the address below.

Tab Virgil #8115125
201 Poplar 1A/12
Memphis, TN 38103

Update: Today, Turk got on the horn with Ozone again for an update. In a nutshell: He’ll be home in June, maybe sooner. He hasn’t spoken to any of the Hot Boyz except Mannie, who Turk did manage to speak with after receiving the news. He isn’t holding it against them.

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