ForteBowie – “Impala” Video

02.24.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

ForteBowie’s “Impala” is an arresting melting pot of styles and influences: the shimmering piano loop gives off an indie-pop feel; the bass and chopped-and-screwed vocals – which as David Drake points out, contain an interpolation of 2 Chainz’ hook from “Spend It” — are steeped in ForteBowie’s Dirty South background; and the smooth chorus harkens back to a time when vocal prowess, not electrobeats, was the order of the day for R&B artists. All in all, it’s a gorgeously constructed and impeccably sung record.

The video for the song – directed by SupaDope and described as a “music film” – is reminiscent of Frank Ocean’s clip for “Acura Integurl” and the opening scene from Kanye West’s “Runaway.” It’s a well thought-out piece that contrasts pretty cinematography (bright shots of a forest-hugging empty road) with a loosely-developed but still kind-of-heavy storyline. Like the song, it’s easy to like and deceptive in its craftsmanship.

If you’re feverishly wondering where you can find more music from Forte, you’re late but still in luck. His latest mixtape, Something About #Bowie, was released this past summer and is available for streaming and free download over at Bandcamp.


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