Thief Scores $50 Million In Jewelry In French Rivera Heist

07.29.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Always fun when real life mirrors art. And by “art,” I mean “jewel heist movie.”

Per CNN, an armed robber stood up a French jewelry exhibition for worth a reported $56 million on Sunday morning. The method seems rather bang-bang: a dude hiding under a hat and scarf (Naturally. France, amiright?) threatened a group of jewelry aficionados with guns. No sleuthing through air conditioning ducts or rappelling down buildings, I’m afraid.

No word on whether or not there’s any chance of catching the jewel robber, or if it has any connection with other incidents reported during the Cannes Film Festival earlier in the summer. But since nobody died, let’s be honest: taking $56 million in jewels is kind of bad ass.

Photo: Getty

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