Freddie Gibbs & Black Milk @ S.O.B.s

08.06.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

A gentleman and a scholar.

Senator Such’n’So wears quilted pants and matching bow ties, and he often greets people with the humor-tinged, “Hello, taxpayers. And fine Americans you are.” We are Americans who know humor is rooted in truth; we are, in fact, taxpayers. The label never feels condescending, because it’s truthful, and his quilted pants and tie are ballsy, respectable choices that don’t go without regard.

The Senator is the one man I never call by his first name. I am Taxpayer, he is Senator. We are squared away in fact. So when Senator Such’n’So calls a man “a gentleman and a scholar,” this too I tend to understand with an unequivocal decidedly-so. This here, LC, is a gentleman. And a scholar.

Now here we have Freddie Gibbs and Black Milk in a single setting. Two Midwest monsters in their own right, who, when I watched this video, evoked in me the very same sentiment. Gibbs is an upstanding emcee who has gone out of his way to thank those who have believed in him, his skill, and his unabashed delivery, as only a true gentleman would. Black is a producer who has studied the craft of lyricism more diligently than any rapper I can think of, all in the name of respect on the mic and not just the MP, as only a true scholar would.

Freddie Gibbs and Black Milk. A gentleman and a scholar. Potentially Hip-Hop’s most potent threat against mediocrity.

Str8 Killa’s available in stores now. Black Milk’s Album Of The Year, coming September 14th.

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