Freddie Gibbs – “Sing For Me”

02.15.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Judging by the title, some might think Freddie finally went soft for St. Cupid’s special day. But no, sorry to disappoint you, it’s far from it. Gangsta Gibbs’ Valentine’s song naturally would be an ode to making “that pussy sing for me,” as only the BFK can pull off. Look for the track to appear on his upcoming Eastside Slim mixtape.

With “Sing For Me,” Fred’s sounding reinvigorated and full of life post CTE. It’s a throwback to the Str8 Killa days, which can only mean one thing: more pure, unadulterated, unfiltered gangsta rap tunes. And judging by what he’s been saying in recent interviews, the less-than-amicable split has Gibbs walking with yet another chip on his shoulder, and more doubters to prove wrong. Historically, that’s also when he’s risen to the occasion and made his best music.

Happy Valentine’s Day, fellas. You didn’t ask for anything, but you got something anyways.

Freddie Gibbs – “Sing For Me” (Prod. By Sean Momberger)

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