Free Agent So Desperate To Return To NFL He’s Willing To Play For The Texans

10.14.13 4 years ago 14 Comments


Free Agent So Desperate To Return To NFL He’s Willing To Play For The Texans, A Team That Booed Their Last Quarterback When He Was Injured – The real headline I wanted to use if it didn’t violate what loosely goes for a style guide around here.

Yes, everyone’s favorite topless dancer Vince Young volunteered his services to the Houston Texans after quarterback Matt Schaub was hurt yesterday.

Say what you will about a potential job candidate needing to make his intentions known immediately, but a trigger-fast Twitter finger is almost as bad as cheering an injury. Almost.

Young went on to tell Fox Sports today he would like to “pop” over to the Texans training facility and give them his elevator pitch in person.

“I would literally be crying on my first interview if that happens,” Young said. “People will be like, ‘Why are you crying?’ Because that would be a dream come true to play at home in front of my family and friends in the city I grew up in. They’ve been watching me since high school. I definitely wouldn’t let them down.

“I’d put my blood, sweat and tears into getting that Super Bowl. That’s something I would love to do, definitely for my hometown.”

Young reportedly has been staying in playing shape after being cut by the Green Bay Packers just before the start of the season after losing the backup position to Senaca Wallace.

By the way, you have to love a player who says he “won’t go to Canada” to play and instead would serve as a University of Texas ambassador if his gridiron days are truly behind him.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everybody!

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