Free Agentkkake Begins With ‘Skins Receiver Splurge (UPDATED)

03.13.12 6 years ago 29 Comments

With the Redskins ostensibly hamstrung by the recent cap deduction, Washington has passed on big quarry like Vincent Jackson and is instead loading up on a bevy of no. 2 receivers. Except they’re giving the lesser receivers big money anyway. To that end, they signed Pierre Garcon, who announced the deal as any 13-year-old might, on his Facebook page. I’d like to assume the ‘Skins interest was mostly based on the strength of this one awesome catch he made against them. The Offseason Champs also got Josh Morgan who, despite little remarkable production in four seasons in San Francisco, was hailed by Peter King this week as an underrated catch in free agency. So there’s that!

UPDATE: Eddie Royal, who had the only halfway respectable season of his career as a rookie playing under Mike Shanahan with the Broncos, is also reportedly on the verge of signing with the ‘Skins. Looks like Eddie Royal is gonna remain a free agent for the time being.

According to Alex Marvez, the Garcon deal is for five years, $42.5 million with $21.5 MILLION GUARANTEED! GLORIOSKI! THEY’VE DONE IT AGAIN!


– Vincent Jackson instead appears bound for Tampa. Marmalard: “WE LOSE MCNEILL AND VINCENT? WHAT? HUH? WHAT? I’M F*CKED!”

UPDATE: V-Jax signed with the Bucs for five-years, $55.555,555. Ocho cincos, tee heeeee! The preponderance of fives in the agreement is a dedication to his new QB, Josh Freeman. If you’re going for that tribute, it would’ve made more money if you signed with the Saints.

– Jason Campbell in talks with the Bears to assume the role as the guy who starts in Week 10 when Cutler gets killed again.

– Chad Henne is visiting the Jaguars, because he and Blaine Gabbert are basically indistinguishable anyway.

– Mario Williams will reportedly visit the Bills tonight. 5Chan has no intent to sign him but would like to see if Mario is dumb enough to keep his log-in information in the Bills’ computers.

– Cortland Finnegan got 5 yrs./ $50 million to reunite with fist-pumping enabler Jeff Fisher in St. Louis. Finnegan’s biggest challenge will be getting otherwise docile Larry Fitzgerald to beat his ass in one of their two annual meetings this year.

– Reggie Wayne re-signed with Indy after everyone presumed wherever Peyton went, he would follow. WELP… NOPE. Bright side: Andy Dwyer doesn’t have to burn his Reggie Wayne wedding jersey.

– The Chargers have had a lot of departures in the previous few days, but then after midnight, it was announced that the team struck a four-year deal with former Saints receiver Robert Meachem, who will soon know what all of San Diego has experienced going from Brees to Marmalard.

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