FreeSol – “RocknRolla” Video

05.14.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

Using classic rock songs as Hip-Hop beats is as old as the genre itself—just ask Steven Tyler. So if Memphis-based FreeSol aren’t breaking any boundaries by fusing rhymes and rock riffs, they’re at least sticking to a tried and true formula. They’re also putting their own spin things by trading a record and turntables for a live band and incorporating the grunge era into the catalog of acceptable classic rock samples.

Thus Smashing Pumpkins anthem “1979” forms the background for “RocknRolla.” What makes this track worth noting is the performance of frontman Free. He channels some of teenage angst of the original track while putting a definitive Hip-Hop spin on the proceedings. His wordplay on the third verse showcases some clever early 90s metaphors thrown out at a mile a minute.

Grab the whole mixtape when it drops later this month. I’m going to go shop for Hip-Hop fan retirement communities.

Download — FreeSol – “RocknRolla”

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