Friday Preseason Open Thread: Battle Feline, Battle New York, Battle Bays, Battle WHO CARES

08.22.14 3 years ago 359 Comments

Nice little slate of games to watch while we get ready to go out for a late-summer Friday evening. Going out? Yes. Because we only have so many of these left warm lazy nights before we have to bury ourselves in sweaters and blankets.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Detroit Lions 7:30 ET / 4:30 PT: While much is being made about Johnny Manziel not being ready for prime time, Blake Bortles is quietly having himself a nice little preseason and may overtake Chad Henne for the starting spot sooner than expected. Could look even better after tonight playing a very weak Detroit secondary. Word is Calvin Johnson will finally make his preseason debut tonight so we can see how Megatron’s knee is doing. Sadly, we will no longer see him dunk as the wide receiver has no intention of giving any of his hard earned cash to Goodell.
  • New York Jets – New York Giants 7:30 ET / 4:30 PT: The Battle of Hot Messes in New York. Probably the only thing that is going to make the Jets look good this preseason is the direct comparison to an anemic Giants team. We can only hope Rex really does call someone “McAdoodoohead” tonight.
  • Carolina Panthers – New England Patriots 7:30 ET / 4:30 PT: Despite coming off an ankle injury, Cam Newton has been getting better every game this preseason but faces his real first test of a well-coached defense tonight. The Pats are still playing chess, moving around all the players on their offensive line while Tom Brady is still working towards getting in sync with his receiving corps.
  • Oakland Raiders – Green Bay Packers 8 ET / 5 PT: The big news here is Oakland is going to play it safe and sit rookie quarterback Derek Carr who recently suffered a concussion and injured his ribs last week against the Lions.
  • Chicago Bears – Seattle Seahawks 10 ET / 7 PT: Really, how insufferable are Seahawk fans sometimes?

“We can breath again, 12s. Nothing like a 41-14 victory to assuage the fears of the team’s first preseason loss in 2 years.

If only they would hold their breath for a week.


Other things we’re watching for? Why, Rex Ryan’s tattoo of course.

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