Full |REBEL| Jacket Ft. Keisha Jackson – “Monte Carlo” Video

12.20.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

Whether it be somber storytelling skills or an energetic delivery, most rappers have one positive attribute they feel is good enough to run with. Yet, the fact is many of them never attempt to grow and eventually fizzle out. After watching Full |REBEL| Jacket’s new video for “Monte Carlo,” it’s safe say to say this AZ duo is the total package off rip.

Quick-tongued flows and high IQ rhymes. Quality, storytelling Hip-Hop. Spoken-word poetry. An impressive ear for organic production and hook vocals. Passion, in general, across the board. These assets are not only delivered in full throughout this self-directed visual from G & Q, but enhanced by it’s simple, yet effective, weight of world concept. That’s pretty impressive for a group we’re new to.

For more in-depth dopeness from FRJ, download their the REBEL EP.

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