OH SNAP: The Internet Reacted With Zest To Gwyneth Paltrow Taking The ‘Food Stamp Challenge’

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04.13.15 59 Comments
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Strap in. Gwyneth Paltrow decided to continue being Gwyneth Paltrow this week, and the internet was none too pleased about it.

So, what’s got the internet whooped up in anti-Goop fervor this time? Not anything to do with steaming lady bits or Rollergirl casting. This time she accepted the The Food Bank for New York City’s challenge to live on a $29 per person weekly budget similar to some people relying on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The challenge came about after two cuts to food stamp programs since 2013. So what did Paltrow buy with her $29 this week? Taco Bell and sweatpants? No. This.

Yes, that’s the food for one week, and we’re sure it’s all she’ll eat. She definitely won’t reach for something else when all that’s left after a few days is a handful of cilantro and four limes. Should’ve bought white rice, pinto beans, hot sauce, carrots, and potatoes instead of the brown rice, black beans, cilantro, an avocado, and limes. Way to go, Paltrow. Now you’re STARVING, and there’s nothing you could possibly do about it.

By the way, her follow-up tweet said, “We’re walking in their shoes to see how far we get.”

She’ll never live like common people.

Okay, but it is for a good cause, and trying to replicate a low-cost budget to be more price-conscious isn’t a bad thing to try, but, man, did that “walking in their shoes” and SEVEN LIMES business hit me the wrong way. And I wasn’t the only one.

Twitter was its usual wharrgarbl of spite and sarcasm in response to Paltrow’s tweet, so we’ve collected some of our favorite jokes here. We left out the eleventy bajillion comments about the s in SNAP standing for “supplemental” (HURR DURR thanks never heard that before) and the ones cussing her out for being Gwyneth Paltrow (pretty sure those are just the standard reaction to all of her tweets, not this specific food stamp challenge one).

First, there were the people commenting on the most obvious first impression: SEVEN LIMES?



Which spiraled into general comments and jokes about the whole spread.


Some offered new baby names to rival Apple and Moses.

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