Funny, Sexy, And Austin Cosplay Of The Week: The Best And Worst Of Wizard World

11.14.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

I’ve been secretly trying to write for Gamma Squad for months, and here’s my chance.
In case you don’t know me, my name is Brandon and I’m the editor-in-chief of Gamma’s about-sports-but-not-really sister-site With Leather. You may also recognize me from my Pulitzer Prize-winning report on the 9th Annual Corgi Celebration for Matt over at Warming Glow. A combination of living in central Texas and hearing Power Rangers would be there brought me to my local convention center for this year’s Wizard World convention in Austin, and while I never got to actually meet that stupid no-showing Power Ranger (thanks a lot, Jason David Frank, I thought a guy with three first names would be more reliable) I did get to take pictures of the show’s funny, sexy and awesome cosplay.
Unless you count my Zelda hoodie (which you should not) I did not participate. Next year I’m going to cosplay as Drake and try to get a column on The Smoking Section.
Anyway, enjoy the costumes and let me know which ones you thought were the best. The Wow! Wow! Wubbzy guy doesn’t count, as I think that might’ve been the real Wow! Wow! Wubbzy.

Austin has a lot of beautiful women, but not a lot willing to dress up and come to a Comic-Con without being paid for it. This Silk Spectre II was an exception, and she was way hotter than the Sally Jupiter selling Batman buttons down the way.
Gamma Squad veterans the 501st Legion, seen here finding out how awesome it can be to add a chainsaw to your gun.
There were a lot of Links on the day, but only one (that I saw) had a Zelda.
This guy had a boomerang, at least. I want to dress as Link for one of these things and lug around a log raft.
And at the end of the 1300 aisle … oblivion.
Gandalf The Not Especially Happy To Have His Picture Taken
One of my favorites from the weekend. This guy ruled.
This guy was a wanderer’s favorite, and to his credit he did a killer Jack Sparrow and stayed in character all weekend. I watched him do a Jack Sparrow “oh my” walk around a guy in a wheelchair, it was incredible.
The Mighty Thor. Look out, dude, I think that’s Mangog coming up behind you.
Captain N loses points for leaving the Batman charm on his zapper, but gains infinite points for coming to Wizard World dressed as f**king Captain N.
I overheard this guy explaining to one of the artists how stupid the Riddler trophies are in the Arkham games, because Riddler would’ve had to have predicted everywhere Batman would need to go to complete his mission. It’s true, but come on, don’t say it WHILE you’re the Riddler.
And now the complete opposite of that Riddler costume, this guy’s bomb-ass Catman.
Emma Frost is right behind Misty from Pokémon on my list of “if you’re dressed this way I’m going to bother you, no matter how good your costume actually is”.
One of three (3) Quail Men who showed up on Saturday. Three Quail Men but not one guy dressed as Powdered Toast. Get it together, Austin.
Wizard World taking place so close to Halloween is great. This kid was better than most Captains America I saw.
Secondary observation: They should change the name of Wizard World to “millions and millions of Robins”.
Adolescent Deadpool: adorable, deadly.
If he’d gone barefoot he would’ve won my heart.
As I mentioned before, I love me some Misty cosplay, but it is topped here by BROCK, and he’s SQUINTING. YES.
There were a lot of recycled Halloween costumes here, but this one is notable for the random bystander lady.
When themes clash.
I asked her to do the crazy arms, but I guess this is as close as you can get when you have human bones.
Brightly-colored X-Men costumes are underrated.
Baby Poison Ivy wins the weekend.
The ice on the gun is a nice touch. My comment to him: “You’re my second favorite member of the Legion of Doom.” I couldn’t find a Solomon Grundy anywhere.
Shortly after I took this picture I tossed this lady into a furnace.
Adventures in Papier-mâché part 1: a Portal gun.
Part 2: Kilowog heads.
(note: As someone who dressed as the Greendale Human Being for Halloween, I know that camera flashes are not kind to Morphsuits)
I’m trying to word my “Guy is a Gardner” joke without it sounding racist.
Good: Your sword looks rad.
Bad: You have to carry that around all day and try to convince someone else to hold it while you pose for pictures with Kevin Sorbo.
I liked this lady’s costume, but the guy in the background really makes the shot.
Any of these kids would’ve been better than Jake Lloyd.
I marked out hard for this costume, and when I got home I started worrying that it might’ve just been a furry.
The least interested-in-this people I met all weekend. How do you have an Asian girlfriend and convince her to make this your couples costume?
… and scene.

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