Here Are 25 Pop Culture Valentines To Warm Your Cold, Jaded Heart

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Earlier this week we brought you 25 funny valentines made by dedicated pop culture fans and some geeky valentines as well. Now we’re bringing you another 25 valentines celebrating the holiday as it should be celebrated, with silly puns and sarcastic jokes based primarily on TV shows and movies.

This set includes funny valentines based on True Romance, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, and more. There’s even a cameo by Broadway Joe Namath. As always, you can also view them as a single page.

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Check out the rest of this True Romance valentine at Patrick McQuade’s shop.

funny valentines true-romance-Patrick-McQuade

Bob’s Burgers [via]

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Hey, is that Joe Namath? [via]

funny valentines ikea-monkey

Prometheus valentine made by Eibmoz.

funny valentines prometheus-david8-01

More Sherlock valentines here.

funny valentines pun-bbc-sherlock-benedict-cumberbatch-01

For sale here.

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More Game of Thrones pickup lines here.

funny valentines game of thrones pick up lines winter is coming


funny valentines nic cage national treasure

For sale here. [via]


Man, that ain’t right. Oh, wait, those are the actual lyrics… [via]




Avengers valentines (for sale here)


Avengers valentines (for sale here)


Avengers valentines (for sale here)


Avengers valentines (for sale here)






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More Harry Potter valentines by Saintelumiere available here.


Breaking Bad valentines by Beth Evans.


Breaking Bad valentines by Beth Evans.





funny valentines sweet brown

Check out the rest of our funny valentines HERE.

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