G-Side Returns With New Song, “Forever”

11.12.13 4 years ago 7 Comments


Halleluah, G-Side is back together. For some people, that means absolutely nothing because they never knew G-Side left…or that G-Side even existed. But those who know knew that the Huntsville, Alabama specialized in well thought-out raps usually done over space age production by Block Beattaz. For the longest time, they flew under the radar as one of the game’s best kept secrets (which is probably part of the problem), even though they gained tons of critical love and held fans across the globe tracing back to 2008’s Starshipz & Rocketz.

The craziest part is just as they got what may have been their closest to full recognition, they abruptly broke up last September. Speaking to NPR, ST phrased it as “We were both growing, and we went and tried to find our own identities as men, just in the world.” With whatever drove them apart now professionally never separated them personally, as they were still in touch with each other.

“‘There was never a big fallout or a fight,’ ST says. ‘It was always copacetic.’ So copacetic that they were still calling each other on their birthdays, only five days apart, late last month. ‘In that vibe,’ he says, ‘we just got to talking.’ Those conversations led to a question from Clova: ‘You ready to clock back in?’ When ST responded in the affirmative, ‘it was all daps and hugs,’ he says. That evening they wrote “Forever.” Two weeks later, here it is.

Here it is, indeed. For G-Side, “Forever” is more than just another song title. Expect their new project, Gz to Godz, in 2014.

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