Here’s G-Unit Performing ‘I’m Grown’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

03.26.15 3 years ago 4 Comments

There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that we will see a weirder combination than this in 2015 as G-Unit teamed up with The Roots to perform “I’m Grown” on The Tonight Show. Curtis, Buck, Banks, Kidd Kidd and Yayo all shake their diamond chains across the stage for a few minutes while yelling over each other instead of carrying the song’s original tone, a misstep that should have long since been ironed out for the crew.

The performance is high energy but the song doesn’t build on the EP’s version because the participants are screaming the whole time. Maybe one of the RMF villains can sync up the original to this video for us to enjoy? Wishful thinking.

It’s no longer 2005 but the Unit still manages to earn appearances on big outlets like Fallon and that speaks volumes. The fact of the matter is that late night TV appearances come only to those with a dedicated following and the Unit has proven they have that in spades. Still, seeing them all hit the stage like that provided a spark of nostalgia to the good old days. The last thing that could have made this appearance pop is if they had Jimmy hop on stage and start adlibbing “G-g-g-g-G-Uniiiiiit!”

If you want to relive the movement of the early 2000s, grab the group’s latest effort on iTunes now.

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