Don’t Expect Game To Reunite With 50 Cent, G-Unit Anytime Soon

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06.04.14 48 Comments

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You have to hand it to 50. He’s done everything that could possibly be done to drum up publicity for his new album, Animal Ambition. He’s made the media rounds for press, reunited his old gang and even planning a G-Unit album, set to be released in “late November.” Even if all of this hasn’t boosted the album’s sale numbers, Fiddy has no doubt increased his visibility tenfold in the last month.

But the one thing he didn’t do may be the move that is getting the most attention. In the much publicized G Unit reunion at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam, one noticeable, tattooed face was missing in action: Game.

It’s not all that shocking when you think about it, Game was never much involved with G-Unit in the first place. He didn’t appear on Beg For Mercy* and was mostly a throw-in from Interscope, akin to Pill on MMG. Plus there is the whole beef thing, which involved actual shots being fired in broad daylight and less dangerous attacks, like the whole G-Unot campaign plus multiple mixtapes aimed right at 50 and co.

Game doesn’t seen too bothered by the slight, taking to Instagram during the Summer Jam set to, as he put it, “put my group back together too !!!”

That was Sunday.

Fast forward to Tuesday. During his Reddit AMA, 50 was asked about the missing G-Unit member in and his answer was very Curtis, short and abrupt: “Not a chance.”**

Maybe some wounds take longer to heal than others.

* — He was in the “I Wanna Get To Know You” video but that’s about it.

** — Meanwhile, Kidd Kidd.

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