Game – “Don’t Kill My Vibe” Freestyle

05.08.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

Jayceon borrows Kendrick’s “Don’t Kill My Vibe” as sort of introductory piece for his upcoming mixtape Operation Kill Everything. And while no MC will likely ever top the original, Game does provide rather entertaining commentary throughout.

Therein lies the concern however.

Game’s “freestyles” are well and dandy, and at times extremely impressive. But here’s to hoping OKE is more original material than highjacking industry beats like it’s 2005. Ideally, he treats this as if it were an album – where I’ve noted before he seems to zone in and produce his best work – and deliver a solid 12-14 track tape. Here he highlights his strong suits as an artist which include manipulating his commanding delivery for graphic street narratives and the occasional whip-ready anthem.

Who knows, perhaps that’s asking too much. Or perhaps I’m the only person who’d like to see that approach. A brother can dream though. A brother can, indeed, dream.

Game – “Don’t Kill My Vibe” Freestyle

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