Theon Seems Cool: Our Takeaways From The 2012 'Game Of Thrones' Comic-Con Panel

By 07.14.12

I thoroughly enjoyed the Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel. It wasn’t quite the Walking Dead panel, nor could it have been. HBO’s “genre-busting” hit just completed its second season and the timing just isn’t right for a panel full of reveals and fireworks and all the spoilery stuff fans get hot and bothered over. In fact, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss couldn’t even make it because there is just too much critical Season 3 planning going on.

The size of the cast is also problematic when it comes to having a killer Comic-Con panel. There are just too many moving parts and only a small sampling available. What the panel did have though was George R. R. Martin as moderator, which was just flat out cool. He’s not quite Hardwick at MC, but watching the man who created the characters and the world they live in interact with the actors who portray them and the fans who adore his work was truly fascinating.

George R. R. Martin Really Likes Referencing The Boobie Consultant

He opened the panel by telling everyone Andy Samberg’s teenage alter ego was unable to make it due to a boobie-lite film production emergency in the Ukraine. This was not the last mention.

There Was Casting News

Since they had to forgo an exclusive preview, Game of Thrones instead opted for a pretty darn exciting Season 2 video recap (“Blackwater” explosion, still epic) followed by a big casting reveal of all the new players. It pretty much confirmed Dustin’s casting news from earlier this week but there were a few surprises…

Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell aka The Queen of Thorns

Mackenzie Crook as Orell

Clive Russell as Bryndon “Blackfish” Tully

Nathalie Emannuel as Missandei

Paul Kaye as Thoros of Myr

Kerry Ingram as Shireen Baratheon

Tara Fitzgerald as Selyse Baratheon

Theon Seems Cool

Alfie Allen just has this detached aloofness to him and doesn’t take himself at all seriously. Examples:

– When Martin attempted to goad him into admitting all the Theon sex scenes are fun (SHOCKER: George is a little pervy, but in a harmless old guy sort of way) Alfie said they’re OK and reminded everyone that Theon pretty much exclusively bangs prostitutes.

– When the writers gave Alfie a fake Season 2 script where Theon gets killed by Bran in ridiculous fashion he told them he thought it was great. They waited two weeks to inform him it was fake. He didn’t seem to care either way.

– When asked what his favorite scene is he didn’t hesitate to answer that it’s the Theon-motivational-speech-ended-by-knockout scene. This is also my favorite Theon scene.

– His face isn’t nearly as punchable in person.

Hodor Attends Comic-Con

I couldn’t get a decent shot because he was slumming it in the sea of people, but Martin gave a shout out to Kristian Nairn who was in attendance.

Ladies Love Robb Stark

It’s not quite Daryl swooning but let’s just say Richard Madden wouldn’t have any trouble at Comic-Con, which I realize isn’t much of a testament to anything but the girls do like him.

Emilia Clarke Is Finally Getting Khaleesi'd In Public

She dodged recognition bullets early on thanks to her natural hair color but now she gets Khaleesi-bombed on the reg. “I was in a department store and I was just in the lift, and the lift doors opened and this woman kind of looked at me and did a double take and just said ‘Khaleesi!'”

Everyone F'n Loves Getting Into Costume

I assumed it might get a little tedious after a while, and maybe they were just pandering to the audience, but all the cast members present were seriously enthusiastic when speaking about how bad ass it is to have wardrobe deliver such incredible costumes. George did use this as an opportunity to mention that Daeny’s Qarth dress was slightly more revealing in the books. Of course he did.

Ygritte's You Know Nothing Is A Thing Now

Rose Leslie was happy to oblige when requested. It was awesome.

Game Of Thrones Wouldn't Exist If It Wasn't For Pet Turtles

George R. R. Martin painted a picture of his childhood in the Bayonne, New Jersey projects where turtles were the only pets allowed. He created fantasy worlds around the turtles in their castle houses and they became the seedlings for all his writing.

Season 3 Will Be Here Sunday, March 31, 2013 At 9PM EST

DVR programming is coming.

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